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    When it comes to residential real estate properties, our company offers a full range of residential real estate services, from housing and apartment investment to residential leasing.

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Nevada Properties


The Nevada Group is one of leading private real estate developers in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, with extensive experience designing, developing, building and managing innovative projects. As a fully integrated company that directly oversees every step in the development process, Nevada has built over 1000 homes and over 40,000 square metres of office/retail space in the past decade. In addition, the company manages several properties.

The team aggressively pursues timely and strategic acquisitions based on market fundamentals. Each opportunity is thoroughly researched, underwritten and supported by comprehensive analysis with an emphasis on understanding the upside and downside risk profile of each opportunity.

 At Nevada, we believe that your success is also our success. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that our customers today become customers for life.

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Committed to Excellence

Sunshine Apartments

Modern architectural design inspires the most opulent residential lifestyle at Sunshine. In close surroundings are prime neighbourhoods, world-class amenities and a wide variety of distinctive facilities designed to complement any lifestyle. Within the spaces at Sunshine. the stylishly designed structure overlooks breathtaking landscapes and gives panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

Diamond Plaza

The ultimate in corporate environment: Diamond Plaza. Ideally situated in Central Business District of Dar es salaam, Samora Avenue, Diamond Plaza is all set to become the prestigious new address in the corridors of Power.

Sea Princess

Located amidst the Oyesterbay, Sea Princess has been designed for people seeking a lifestyle beyond ordinary. At Sea Princess, life is pleasurable with a generously landscaped courtyard and panoramic view of the surrounding Indian Ocean.

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